skateboarding session with félix patry

What should people listen to while they read this interview?

Are you recording a video part right now?
Yes, and no. I try to get as much footy and photos as as I can, but not really for a specific movie or anything. Making a solo part happen would be sick honestly.

What's your plan for summer 2017?
Have fun, get productive on my skateboard, chill with my homies and my GF, travel, shoot photos and work.

Any traveling coming up?
I hope to go to NYC or Toronto before it starts to snow, and then either Cali or Europe would be amazing during the winter.

What do you think is the biggest difference between the Montreal and Toronto skate scenes?
First, let me say that TO and MTL are the best spots to skate in Canada. Both scenes are connected in so many ways, everyone knows each other, with Dime and everything. I guess the main difference, in my mind, is that we have different kinds of stuff to skate. Also, since they’re a bigger city, they probably have more skate spots, and their skate parks are way nicer than the ones we have.

What's THE best skate spot in Toronto?
Courthouse is fun! They have lot of spots downtown and Dubat is the best park to go.

Do you think the skateboard retail market will survive now that a lot of popular brands (only) sell their products online?
Different boutiques have different clienteles. I don’t think the big commercial shops who now try to rep “underground brands” to appear cooler will die. Most of the clients at the big boutiques are parents buying stuff for their kids, so they’re not going anywhere. On the other hand, the boutiques that could eventually die are the smaller skate shops that only sell underground brands, because these brands – cough cough Palace cough – are all choosing to sell their gear 100% online, and not in boutiques anymore. With the rise of cool underground brands, big commercial brands could die too.

Who should be the next president of the United-State? Name anyone alive right now.
Gucci Mane.

editing by Thomas McMullan
photos by Jeremie Alexei White
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