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We recently met with Black Atlass to ask him questions about his musical career. He took photographer Scott Pilgrim out in his neighbourhood here in Montreal where he grew up.

M: What was it like getting approached to work with artists like Woodkid and Action Bronson?

B: Both were really cool experiences that really opened my eyes to how collaborations could expand my creative process, and force me into working from a different state of mind, and trying different approaches to writing and performing.  

M: We know that you play a few instruments, which is quite rare today. What instruments do you play, and where did this passion for music stem from?

B: I think it's really only rare in certain popular genres, which overall have become sort of lifeless. I sing, play piano, guitar, and drums and engineer and produce my own music as of late. Music has always been a regular part of life for me from early on. The passion on one hand comes from the spiritual connection I feel from creating music, but on the other hand since I've started to make it my full time career, the passion to support myself by creating unique and ground breaking art has become a large part of my life.

M: Can we expect new projects from you before the end of the year?

B: Definitely. I'm in a really powerful creative mind right now. I've got a series of singles and videos that have already started coming out that I hope will be a part of a new project in the coming months. I'm trying to really push my abilities, and be creating in all mediums, which is something I've spoken about before but haven't been able to achieve at the level I want to until more recently. I think that that's really going to reflect in the coming months as these new projects come out. I've also been really keen on collaborating with a variety of creative people, artists and directors to create some amazing work that I think people will really enjoy.

M: How would you describe your musical style?

B: Alternative, because it can mean anything really. If I work within a genre that has no true definition I can create whatever I want. I would never want to feel the pressure of having to work within one style of music. I listen to everything from Rap, to Jazz, Country and beyond, and I want to give the audience my take on everything that inspires me.

M: What was the best live experience you’ve ever had, and why?

B: It's hard to say really. Touring with Woodkid and playing shows for 4000 people was something I'll never forget. I'm still trying to figure out my live show and make it an experience for people that's captivating and exciting without being the carbon copy of what most solo acts are doing these days. Once I've figured that out I'll be announcing a tour.

M: Which artists would you most like to work with in the near future?

B: I'd say Drake, Young Thug, and maybe Max Martin, or Rick Rubin. I'd really love to do a video with Grant Singer also.