alex coma

Introduce yourself.

alex: I’m an artist who recently finished his bachelor of fine arts from Concordia University and I now work in Montreal. During those three years, I had the chance to develop my technique and critical eye in photography, which was my specialization, but I was also really into painting. I took a painting elective because I felt I could push my concepts further, as this medium allows you to move away from reality, while staying in the comfort of your home. This was a tipping point for me as an artist, as I now sometime get inspired in my painting projects for photography projects, and vice versa.
What’s your relationship with all in ?

alex: It just so happens that my best friend is the one in charge at all in eyewear, so I have always been close to the company, helping like I could. In the past year, we worked hard to create amazing look books for their first winter collection and their most recent Spring/Summer collection. I got to shoot all the images for their look book and their product shots, which ended out being pretty cool.
As an artist, what interests you?

COMA: From the beginning of my artistic career, I have always tried to find truths about the places we live in and explore those themes in my art. The edge of human perception and reality are things that fascinate me. There is so much more going on around us that we can’t see because our senses are not developed enough. Imagine all the doors that would open up to us if we could sense electromagnetism for example. This is why I’d say my biggest interest has to be the gap between what we perceive as real and fake. Why does this image look so real and isn’t and this one so fake and is? This gap is the one I like to plunge in before starting new projects. You will also see a pretty flagrant interest for architecture in lots of my work. 

 What are your future projects?

COMA: I’m already planning a new painting series that will talk about Super Mario World, reality and naivety. As for my photographic project about Asia, and my present project with all in eyewear, I want to continue to develop them and submit them to art galleries in Montreal and around the world. Basically, I want to get more visibility.