the 25th hr

Who is The 25th Hr? And what does he create?
XXVHR: The 25th Hr is the expression of how I’ve been feeling over a creative period of time and growth. It’s me, relative to my life right now; it’s a work in progress. I’ll try to create anything I can imagine. The focus now is music, and genuinely incorporating it with my art and design.

When did this all start? (Music in general and The 25th Hr)
XXVHR: The public school system. Or maybe even earlier, I’ve been drawing forever and played in the school band when I was younger, then got accepted into a visual arts program went to another public school when things didn’t work out and they had a lab with reason and midi controllers. I forgot how to read music. Still, a lot of the theory stuck with me, and I haven’t been obsessed over anything as much as when music became part of my life. The 25th Hr Project didn’t start too much later.

Can you give us some insight into your process?
XXVHR: Typically I start with chords or vocals and play on the progression from there. I spend the majority on sound design, and the arrangement. Some tunes take longer than other sometimes a few days sometimes months. But, I really just aim for making each element suited for the specific piece and go by the methodology “play for the part not for yourself”.

Recently you visited Montreal for the all in eyewear SS15 Launch. Tell us about your experience?
XXVHR: Crazy. The Vibe in Montreal is great, it allowed me to meet some, and connect with others.

What projects are you currently working on? 
XXVHR: I’m doing as much as possible. Focusing on my “overture” EP Which will be out soon. I’m working on 3 EP’s with 3 different artists. I got a band together for my material, it’s becoming a complex setup, mixed with my electronic rig and keys, and then electronic and acoustic drums with live instrumentation with HMLT, which is really cool. It’ll be an experience when I got some dates up I’m hoping to shake things up. I’ve been practicing.

Tell us about your relationship with Exhume Music?

: Collective and team, Reached out to them and they’ve show nothing but love for what I’m trying to accomplish. I’m amped I linked up with them, ended up meeting all in, it’s been an organic experience.

Who are some artists on your radar & why?
XXVHR: Persian Empire: Beautiful production, very progressive
Hero: bouncy future, danceable stuff to darker tones 
KR Radio: Dope raps good beat choice the kid vibes.
Henry Wu :  he’s just a beast of a musician.

Are there any artists you would be interested in working with in the future?
XXVHR: really there’s so many, on such different cales. To keep the list brief I’d say – Tennyson, Wayne Snow, Henry Wu, D’ Angelo, Frank Ocean, Gallant, Sampha, Kendrick, Kid Cudi, Burial, Jamie XX, Sunni, Colon, Travis Scott, Favela, Mura Masa, Twigs, And I should stop here.

Last words? 

XXVHR: “To be continued”