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We recently discovered the artist DEVO after seeing his t-shirt collaboration with the Savoie et Fils store. Right away we felt his style and saw a potential between DEVO designs and all in. We met with him a couple of times to discuss details and finally decided to go on with the idea of a custom design box to be delivered at random between store and online orders. We met once again with DEVO to get to know him a little more.

Introduce yourself.

D: My name is Devon and I'm a 24 year old, self taught illustrator who thinks he can skate. 

Have you been drawing for a long time?

Yeah I've been drawing for a long time now. I remember drawing World War two battle scenes with my cousin all the time in school. The first fight I got in was because the school bully ripped one of my drawings  and I swung at him..I got my *ss kicked haha.

What is your inspiration behind the design for the collaboration with all in?

When I visioned the collaboration I thought of  like mid  80's and 90's  street gangs in batman comics. Like the mutants. Those characters are up to no good but still looking fly.

You hangout with a lot of skateboarders, does that influence you in your art?

Yeah I guess maybe a bit. I grew up skating and loved skateboarding stickers. I used to try and peel stickers I liked off the wall and stick em on my shirt to take home. I'm always influenced by my surroundings wether it's from skating or just kicking it with my friends.

What else do you have on the table? What's coming for you?

I got a couple of projects going on right now.  For one I am finishing up on a board with a homie of mine Max Theroux. It should hit the streets in the next week or so. I am also starting a woodworking program in september. Besides that just working on building more content, you always gotta keep going and be productive.

Are you planning any exhibition soon? Whats your thoughs on that?

D: Yeah I'm thinking for sometime in the late summer early fall, either a small solo show or a group opening. It's still all up in the air right now. For the most part, just building up enough content to make my first show f*cking tight.

*Take note that this box can randomly be awarded to an online order or a store purchase. (100 units available)

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