How long have you been making music? What got you hooked?
S: I've been hooked to music since my dad let me play his records when I was a toddler. Then I started playing drums at 9 yrs old & made my first beat I was 16.

How long have you been on Fool’s Gold (an American record label)?
S: It was announced last year, but I've been connected with them for over 2 years now. Silence d'Or & Fool's Gold is the SQUAD.

How did Fool’s Gold approach you at first?
S: I got approached by Simahlak who introduced me to his good friend P-Thugg (Chromeo) who heard my beats at a showcase I was DJ'ing for. Since then we stayed in touch, doing studio sessions, talking music back & forth. Then one day he pushed my music to A-Trak, the rest is history.

You just released two EP’s in 3 months: PWRFNK and THRU Da Night - would you say 2015 is a big year for you?
S: YES! We've been getting super great reviews from many different artists & peers based around the world. I've been nailing new steps in my career (touring & doing gigs internationally) and for what we have planned it's just the beginning.

Montreal’s good DJ’s and producers are starting to go on tours outside the city/country - do you think there’s a new niche for our artists?
S: To tour outside as a Producer/DJ has been an active thing in the game since guys like Lunice & A-Trak. Now we got homies like Tommy Kruise, Kaytranada & myself goin on tour. But we're all unique & different in our own way. Niche or not, whatever you make, it's gotta be dope & original before anything.

If you had one artist to make us discover today, who would it be?
S: Foxtrott. She's the homegirl ;)

What kind(s) of music can we find on the mix you did for all in?
S: This mix includes songs from my EPs, And also sounds from CrimeKillz, DJ Smokey, Four Color Zack, Leaf & Danny Seth too.

Best rapper right now?
S: Rymz. QC/MTL shit and a labelmate at Silence d'or. Check out his album called Indélébile. I got some productions on it!