walla p

S: Introduce yourself? 

W: What's good y'all, my name is Walla P, Founder, Dj & Host of Voyage Funktastique, based out of Montreal, Canada.

S: How and why did you first get into Djing?

W: I've always been a music junkie, from buying cassettes at young age to making mix tapes on my tape deck; later on, I got into beat making, sampling vinyls and banging pads on my MPC. Then, I got offered a small Dj gig for my friends' vernissage, and what was supposed to be a 45 minutes set turned into a 5 hour set.  That was back in 2007…I didn't have a Dj name at that time (laughs).

S:  What is Voyage Funkstastique? 

W: Voyage Funktastique is a weekly radio show, a monthly night and a platform that aims to promote Modern & Future Funk, along with acknowledging the past Funk artists who paved the way. The radio show is on the UQAM's internet radio station, the monthly night is held at Bar Le Bleury with Dr.MaD, who holds it down with me since day 1. We've had guests Dj's/Performers from New York, San Francisco, Sweden and Atlanta. 

S: What makes future/modern funk so special? 

W: I think it all starts with positive vibes; within the artists/dj's/labels/listeners, there's a big sense of community, it's a big united family (I've developed friendships with guys based in Singapore, France, Germany, Indonesia and the United States); we all support each other, we all aim for the same goal, which is to spread these contagious rhythms and give as much as visibility to so many talented artists who deserve the opportunity to be heard on a global scale. 

Modern/Future Funk will still be relevant in 10-30-50 years just like the Funk (from the late 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's) is still influencing major artists (i.e. Pharell, Daft Punk, Snoop Dogg). It's timeless music, with no boundaries, and not following any trends, but setting its own instead.
S: Which funk artists influence you most and why? 

W: I can't leave out the funk ambassador DâM-FunK out of the equation, he's the guru right there. I got the chance to perform with Temu, a producer/dancer/talkbox player/singer at the Voyage Funktastique night in January, which was a memorable moment. Another artist that I look up to is Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble, who will be our guest for the May edition of our night. I also look up to some of my peers, names like James Vance (Gwizski) and Randy Ellis (Hotthobo), owners of 2 of the premium modern funk labels Omega Supreme Records & Voltaire Records.

S: Any projects we should be looking out for? 

W: We've got the Voyage Funktastique Vol.1 compilation, with a bunch of my favourite artists, coming up this summer, I'm working on the new website, going on a European tour with my partner in Funk, Dr.MaD. Also looking to release a few 45 and some merch for the summer.  Just trying to stay relevant in the Modern/Future Funk community.