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Tell us about your start as a producer and how falcxne came to be? 

F: I got big into “laptop” production two and a half years ago or so. I’ve been playing music pretty much my whole life – piano and guitar especially – so it only made sense to get into recording once I started coming up with my own stuff. Got into electronic music in college in Montreal and tried producing in first year. Really dark stuff at first, I pretty much wanted to be Burial (and still do). Gave up for a while discouraged until I came across J Dilla, and eventually Ta-Ku, Kaytra – after that it was game over, I was hooked. I was gonna do it ‘til my shit sounded just like I wanted it to. As for the name, I plugged my last name into one of those trap name generators online and it changed the ‘o’ to an ‘x’ [laughs].

How did you get on Ta-Ku's "Drive Slow Homie" 3 and 4?

F: I got on those mixes cause Ta-Ku is an absolute legend and super down to earth, basically. For DSH3, I submitted ‘Feel Me’ for Hypetrak’s beat contest for the mix with pretty much zero expectations – this is back when I had just gotten a Soundcloud account.  I’ll never forget getting the most casual email from Ta-Ku like “BRUH, this track is FIRE.” DSH4 was a mystery cause I had no idea about it ‘til people started messaging and congratulating me. Sure enough, I checked the tracklist and I was there… for a while I was convinced Ta-Ku was some genius computer hacker and had gotten into my laptop [laughs], I had hardly sent it to anyone.

What projects are you currently working on?

F: I try to constantly come up with new ideas everyday – a lot of collabs keeping me busy nowadays which is dope, but some solo stuff too: Some Brazilian influenced stuff, some g-funk, some jersey tracks – anything I come across that I think is cool I’ll probably end up trying out. There should be a lottt dropping in 2015.

Can you let us in on some of the artists you are currently working with? 

F: Lotta really cool people, I’m blessed to even be associated with them – R-ASH, Tibe, Harris Cole, Vices, Durkin, KEI-LI and a dope rapper Black EL… many more to come in 2015 too, a few in the works as we speak.

Are there any artists you would be interested in working with in the future?

F: Oh man, honestly too many to list ‘em all but I can think of a few off the top – Chris McClenney, Dexter Brandon, Shagabond, nehzuil, Pomo, Arthur McArthur, Ta-Ku, Kaytra… a kid can dream [laughs]. Definitely looking at working with singers and musicians too, I miss sharing that live aspect with others.

How do you name your tracks? 

F: Track names usually come pretty quickly to me – I know the thought process that went into making them so there’s usually a track name that just makes the most sense, like it wouldn’t make sense to call it anything else. Especially anything with samples, I like to make subtle references that only people that know the sample will catch.

How long have you been growing your hair for? [laughs]

F: [Laughs] Way too long man… Since high school basically, I don’t think any of my homies will recognize (or talk to) me once I cut it. It’s gonna have to go soon though, free up like five hours of my day.

What can we expect from falcxne for the year 2015?

F: I'm definitely looking to go hard on production and collabs, just building up a nice big repertoire of tracks. After that, 2015 will probably see the first real falcxne live sets – gonna start out with Toronto and MTL shows, and hopefully just keep spreading from there. Was lucky enough to get acquainted with Toronto’s Exhume Music crew, so I’m excited to be associated with like-minded, talented people in my hometown going forward.


Chris McClenney - Tonight (Youngblood)
Jengi Beats - Take It Slow
Krs x Oshi ft. Drake - Company
Da-P dabeatX - Oyo
Young Thug ft. Zuse - Treasure
Non-Drifter x Zuper - Smooth Sailing
Dexter Brandon - Dropped Off
Singularis - Rain
SevnthWonder ft. Jon B - U Got Me
Non-Drifter - Smoking Alone (Instrumental)
falcxne - First Time
Alfred English - Datamouth x Juicy J ft. Marcus Cruz - Cocky
Da-P dabeatX - Ouhhh
Harris Cole x falcxne - Soapy's Theme
Drake - Know Yourself