You were the Open-DJ for FKA in NY, MTL, TO, LA and SF - how was it?

P: Honestly, it was the opportunity of a lifetime. I had the chance to perform in front of some of the biggest crowds of my short career during the time we toured together.

What are your projects for next year?

P: I'm working really heavily on a follow up to Beloved as well as short collection of production work of stuff I've worked on with collaborators - some new faces, some old. :)

What’s up with your Instagram account? laughs (@neverhatephilly)

P: When I have an idle moment, I dig into my digital hoard, pluck some images out and throw them into the ether. It's a running dialogue about pop culture and my own ennui.

What’s the rest of your day going to look like?

P: Today, I'm unwinding in front of the television. Literally just watched Top Model and played Katamari on PS3.

M.Bootyspoon and I brought you to “THE MAIN SMOKED MEAT” deli after a Boomclap 
event at Bluedog - how much did you like the smoke meat /10?

P: Main is 10/10, good eatin' in my mind. I love that place. Every time I've ever been to Montreal, I've gone to the Main. I was told the first time I came that it's Celine Dion's favorite restaurant - good enough for me.

If you could pick anyone to chill with for a day, who would it be?

P: If Celine would be down to go to Main Deli with me...