rosewater ctz

Tell us a bit about your name change.

R: My tracks were starting to sound a little different and I didn't feel like using my real name anymore. I think it's easier to work on something conceptually when you're using an alias.

Can we expect a completely different sound?

R: We'll see, I hope so but I can't really predict what I make anymore. Don't really want to either. All I know is having less time to play gigs has been a blessing in disguise. Keeping up with new music is tedious and I'd rather get my inspiration from other things. 

You told me you were working on a lot of beats with different artists - can we know more?

R: Yeah i'm getting back in the studio with my friend Tom Lemann this spring to work on a record and I'll be in Montreal for a month to work with friends. 

How’s the Munich musical scene?

R: A lot of passionate people and some interesting art being made here. Munich is a beautiful city that offers a lot visually to get inspired by. 

What are your plans for next year?

R: School mostly, maybe a Rosewater Ctz EP this summer. 

How often do you go clubbing in Berlin?

R: Only been once since I live here to be honest, but I'll be here for a while so I'll have a couple more oppurtunities to get denied entry to Berghain. 

Young Chop or Mike Will Made It?

R: Metro Boomin 100%