Where are you from?

S: I'm from a city called Waterloo about an hour away from Downtown Toronto. It's a pretty forward thinking city in terms of technology. Blackberry started here so that brought a lot of intelligent people to the city. In terms of music, it's a pretty divided place. Most people are into crazy EDM tracks and country music, so the club scene isn't very interesting. Toronto is where it's at right now for music.
Tell us a bit about your relationship with Exhume Music  - how did you meet?

S: Exhume contacted me by e-mail in like April and I got together with them at a local Chapters not long after. They seemed like really cool people and I felt like we were like minded so I decided to sign with them for management purposes. I loved the fact that they we're near by, unlike some past collectives that approached me from the UK. I'm really glad I signed because I wouldn't be doing this feature right now if I hadn't. Both Adam and Micaella are really down to Earth and I'm glad I got to know them. Exhume has a website coming soon, but make sure to hit up the YouTube Chanel if you wanna hear some freshness.

Tell us about the musical scene in Toronto?

S: The music scene in Toronto is pretty crazy, it's almost as if everyone you meet has some sort of connection to someone famous. The Hip-Hop scene in Toronto is definitely about to pop with guys like Jazz Cartier, Drew Howard and most of the OVO prospects being Toronto based. In the electronic scene "Harrison" is the next big thing. He's a really cool guy, I hit him up over SoundCloud and we ended up meeting right before he opened up for Cashmere Cat at a venue called The Hoxton. Also my friend "The Theorist" is absolutely killing it, he has this awesome mix of classical piano and ethereal RNB. Make sure to check these guys out. 

You were in Montreal for '' POP MONTREAL '’ and you played at Luwan in Chinatown on the same night - how was your first experience in Montreal?

S: Montreal was such an awesome experience. I wish I could have stayed longer but being in high school kinda restricts me from doing that. I really enjoyed playing at Le Cagibi for POP, but I honestly had more fun vibin' out with the all in crew at the Luwan. Probably the hardest set I've ever played. While I was there, I also got to meet a long time Soundcloud contact and Local Producer/Dj Shash'U at Blizzarts. All around such a great experience.

Can we expect an EP for 2015?

S: I've been thinking about making an EP for a while, but I feel like slowly releasing songs one by one is almost a more professional way of doing things. I want to put out a large body of work, but the way people listen to music on SoundCloud makes it kind of difficult to get your point across unless you have a really large following. On SoundCloud, most new listeners usually won't even listen to a whole track. Since you can see the waveform people will usually just skip through it. People are more likely to check out songs if there released slowly instead of all at once anyway. I had a talk with Bondax before their show in Toronto about releasing music and they had also explained that slower is better. I'm definitely going to take their advice, but maybe one day I'll just feel like putting one together. 


The Theorist - Down 4 U
The Code - Gravity (Sango Remix)
Gold Panda- Reprise
Oppaa - N'questia
Kaytranada - Club Bang
Future - Move That Dope (C Justice Bootleg)
Mr. Carmack - Bells
Rae Sremmurd - No Type (Gravez Remix)
Chris McClenney and Fortune - Get The Guap (Remix)
Haan 808 - Los Bagos
Mr. Carmack - Vanessa
Chrome Sparks - ZzzzzZ