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How long have you been DJ’ing for?

L: My first club DJ gig ever was in July 2009. So it’s been five years now, and I’ve played over 200 events so far. It’s really come a long way…

You work at Turbo Recordings, what exactly do you do there?

L: After being an intern for two years, I finally managed to get Tiga’s bagels just right and he took me on full-time. I now oversee and manage the operations of the label. Thomas Von Party helps me out on the A&R front, and we have a german office that handles production, but everything else is on me… I oversee the releases from beginning to end and run the biz. It’s awesome to be focused on music every day, without distractions from school or a random part-time job. 

You just got back from studying Music Business in Los Angeles. Tell us about your stay in California.

L: Ever since I was a kid it was a dream for me to live out there. I’m so glad I finally got the opportunity to spend nine months in the city of angels and really dig in. I’ve always been fascinated with California and the whole experience was a blessing.
I was facing a dead-end in my film studies at Concordia, and when I found out there was such thing as Music Business courses I dropped everything and went for it. My classes at UCLA were super inspiring and I learned way more than I expected. I made some really awesome friends out there and I got to rediscover nightlife from a « customer » point of view, logging in hours on the dance floor and getting to hang out in nice big clubs or dope warehouse parties. It’s nice to go out and enjoy dance music the right way for a change, instead of hanging out backstage doing meaningless PR with other nightlife industry folks.

Would you live there full time?

L: The lifestyle in L.A. is definitely superior than here. The weather, the food, the diversity… It’s like ten cities into one. But Montreal is home to me and it’s where my heart is. I don’t think I could ever leave this place entirely. I wish I could spend my summers here and my winters in L.A., hehe!

You are a resident DJ at Datcha, how has that been so far?

L: Datcha is the bomb-diggity. It’s pretty much the only place in Montreal where I can play the music I wanna play and get the right reaction from the crowd. Of course I would love to play bigger venues like Stereo and music festivals, but for a monthly DJ residency I couldn’t ask for anything more.

Do you also produce music?

L: No. I get asked that a lot these days because more and more, producing and DJ'ing are becoming one. Often times, producers get pushed into DJ'ing out of the need to perform their laptop music live. This has lead to lots of shitty DJ's in the circuit getting booked solely based on their production merit. On other reverse side, I feel compelled to produce in order to build my profile. I like it when things come naturally, and sitting alone for hours on the computer trying to engineer beats does not appeal to me. I'd rather focus on becoming an oustanding DJ before I jump into production, instead of being a 'good' DJ/Producer. I think that I'll be more interested in producing records when I'll have a definitive grip on my own aesthetic and sound, with the assistance of an accomplished Ableton nerd! Until then, DJ'ing is my passion and I'm not even close to where I want to be with it yet.

Tell us a little bit about this mix.

L: Since I don’t really produce original music, DJ mixes are the only form of permanent product I can put out there. So I always give it 100% and make it perfect. I usually over-think it and drive myself crazy but this one fell into place fairly quickly. I think it’s important for mixes to cover different grounds and progress through different movements. I try to represent the music that I play in my sets while keeping it home-listening friendly and entertaining. Some of the cuts in here are quite obvious choices, but to me if it’s good music it gets played even if it’s popular with a lot of other DJs. The key to pulling this off is balancing it with exclusive bits that the others don’t have.

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