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Why are you called M.Bootyspoon?

B: Martyn Bootyspoon started out as my (drunk) and flamboyant alter ego. The type of character who would kiss your girlfriend's hand at a party upon introduction and she'd forget her name. Although the whole thing has comedic undertones I could assure you the name kinda came about very very sporadically and as a joke. I did an interlude track on my best friend's EP (Sinjin Hawke, who too often has witnessed the "Bootyspoon Effect" in action and is my biggest fan) Eventually some fucc boi from Australia tried to use the name as his DJ name and that's when I stepped in and began to take in gigs under M.Bootyspoon. 
To clarify to many, it's not "M" for "Monsieur". It's kinda like how M.Bison from Street Fighter is "Mike Bison".

You've been now mixing for 5 years, and now you're dropping your first mix with us, why is that?

B: I feel like I have no comfort zone. Some DJs like to stick to certain routines or ideas and that's them, but I know in my case overall ideas of how I want a set to sound change every 2 to 3 months. That's not to say I don't look back to older tunes to match what I bump now. I guess I just didn't want to be tied down to one sound or idea in a mix, or had trouble deciding what exactly I wanted lay down. I'm trying to not see it as that now and I think I'll release some more frequently in the future.


It's hard to get an interview with you, and not to talk about visuel effects videos under your artist name : skunch, can you elaborate about this?

B: Skunch started out as my video artist / production / VJ name. It was originally driven by kind of R rated grindhouse-like video and motion graphic design that had an old school style. These days I'm trying to reposition myself though, going for a more honest approach to video art that is simpler and cleaner yet more visually evocative, without being as explicit. Like my current approach to DJing, I want my visual work to have a lot more substance and rhetoric than it did in the past.

You've been on tour with Jacques Green all over Europe for all his visuals, how was the trip?

B: It's been really awesome opportunity to work with him, especially with part of travelling along for the shows. It was really evident that Jacques and I want the same kind of things out of club nights, and being able to contribute to his vision and what he wants to bring to the table as far as a club night goes is pretty rewarding. We've had some great crowds that were ready to get buck with us such our Warsaw or Ghent tour dates and I find that really goes both ways in terms of energy in the room. Like I mentioned earlier, I'm not much of a comfort zone person and the feeling of VJing in foreign territory where everyone's main goal is to dance and sweat for about five hours is pretty tight. 

What are your plans for the summer?

B: Work. Play. Sunshine. I've got a couple of motion graphic and video contracts I want to clear so I could move onto new ideas come fall. You'll definitely catch me throwing some parties as per usual at The Blue Dog Motel or DJing around the city. I will try to resurrect a rave-club party I threw last year in an industrial space that was one of the best parties I've been to / thrown. You'll also catch me doing visuals at a certain summer festival, keep your eyes peeled for that. Iunno, classic case of me having an ultra jam-packed summer. Not mad though, only makes for a very turnt up one. 

Fila or Fubu?

B: answer