Why did you choose Grandbuda as your artist name?

G: I'll say, its a bit because of my physical appearance ahah. I love Buddhism as well, a little mix of both!

You used to be in a 8 people band, in which you were the singer, what did you learn out of this?

G: Music man! Being in a live band for 4 years opens you mind to a whole different world. It was really different from what i produce or even how i rap now but at the end of the day, music is music and its beautiful!

Why did you become Dj ? How was your first gig?

G: To be honest, i didn't really ''decide" to become a DJ, it just happened. I had my first weekly at Cabaret Underworld in Montreal, i used to play 90s Hip-Hop and a little trap. The owner asked me to DJ for the night so i literally had a few days to "learn" how to DJ ahahah

You're Dj, you compose and rap, how hard it is to handle all that stuff at the same time?

G: I produce a lot and love Djing. A DJ gig is basically a show for me, i give my 100% and the same when i rap. I'm a rapper first and a Producer/DJ second so i manage to do both with different styles. What i can't do in production i do it as a rapper and vice versa!

If people want to see you perform this summer, where should they go?

G: Follow me on Facebook ahahah i'll post it there!

What is the craziest thing that you've ever seen in your entire life?

G: My last performance at App. 200, in Montreal, i closed for the Paul Wall show witch was the closing party from the Mural Festival. I literally remember playing 2 songs, jumping around.. its a little blurry. All i remember is me trying to get on the table, falling, people catching me, putting me back on the table and yeah.. we kept partying ahah!

photos by will gignac